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Authentic Belgian beer delivered to your home

“Anyone can drink beer.
But it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.”
Stephen Beaumont (author)

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Box Selection

Choose the size of your box. Each box contains a selection of beers.


Your beer is delivered straight to your door ready to enjoy.

Arrange regular deliveries of bottled Belgian Beer

Why settle for anything less than the genuine taste and quality of bottled beers direct from Belgium’s world class breweries.

Select from your favourite Belgian beers or enjoy experimenting with the incredible range of flavours available, from the country’s top breweries and monasteries.

Use our online service to arrange monthly deliveries of boxes of mixed or single brand Belgian beers.  Or, contact us to arrange for less (or more) frequent deliveries of quality bottled beer from Belgium direct to your home or business.


Arrange a one-off box
of finest Belgian bottled beer

The best way to test the products for yourself, before you commit to a regular delivery. Simply email or ring us to arrange a single home delivery of boxed bottles of Belgian Beer.
Either choose from our online Belgian Beer boxes or let us select a range to test your taste buds and stretch your knowledge.

The Taster

A selection of 10 mixed beers




Belgian Beer Tasting Evenings

The latest social trend in the UK and a great way to have fun with friends.

Contact us for a full kit to organise your own Belgian Beer Tasting event at your home or workplace. Includes beers for sampling, information on history and brewing techniques, fun quizzes and games. All for one favourable price. Includes an extra bottle for the host or hostess.

“Beer. It’s the best damn drink in the world.”
Jack Nicholson (actor)


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