//What is your favourite Belgian Beer?

What is your favourite Belgian Beer?

Most of us have heard of Stella Artois, Leffe, Duvel and possibly Hoegaarden and you may even mistakenly think Heineken is Belgian when in fact it is Dutch.  But there are over 1000 different Belgian Beers, many brewed by Artisans, micro breweries and even Monks!  We at The Belgian Life are interested to hear what your favourite beer choice would be from Belgium.

“My personal favourite is Tripel Karmeliet.  I try many new beers every year but I always come back to this one.  It is brewed by Brouwerij Bosteels, famous for their Kwak that you may have heard of, and is a relative newcomer being first brewed in 1996. “

Tripel Karmeliet is quite a strong beer at 8.4% volume, brewed with wheat, oats and barley, a blonde, and served in a tulip style glass.  You may think with it being so strong it tastes bitter but I’d say quite the opposite – there is freshness from the wheat followed by a creaminess from the oats and citrus flavours lingering in the background.  Final fermentation takes place in the bottle which means that sometimes there can be a cloudy appearance when poured, but this is just due to the presence of the yeasts and does not detract from the flavour, it is perfectly drinkable!  This is available from us on a B2B basis – well worth a try!

We always have our ear to the ground listening out for your favourites so that we can introduce them to the good folks of the Fylde Coast through our clients.  Let us know what you like and we’ll tell you who is stocking our beers in our next blog.

If you would like to stock some of our lovely beers why not get in touch, we can supply a mixed case for you to assess and decide what you think is best – purely in the name of research of course!

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