//In praise of beer – building appreciation not bellies!

In praise of beer – building appreciation not bellies!

Somehow, wine has earned the reputation of being the drink to test, taste and experiment with. It’s for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.  This crosses all sectors of society.

Yet in the UK, beer drinking still carries with it the air of being a “mechanical” process for lads and ladettes. And of course, for middle aged men with a “beer belly” (or in the case of craft beers, a beard).

Some people think of beer in terms of boxes of cans, draft versions in pubs, and also US imports in iconic bottles.

The myths and misconceptions about beer are stopping a lot of people from enjoying a refreshing, varied and enjoyable beverage. And for those “in the know” the social hierarchy of alcoholic beverages is quite frankly twaddle.

Gender neutral and infinitely varied

As anyone who has spent time in Belgium will tell you,  beer offers both equality and diversity on a night out or to relax at home.

Equality because it is gender neutral refreshment for all adults. Diversity because it offers something for all tastes too.

If you think of beer as an amber liquid with a white head in a pint glass, then it might be time to test your tastebuds and give yourself a treat.

There is no definitive list of beer varieties and variations, not least as new ones are constantly emerging and different countries define “beer” in different ways. In Belgium alone there are around 180 different breweries – including monasteries where the monks use ancient  methodology to produce craft beers of fame.

From chocolatey stouts, to sour blondes, and from gluten-free beer to champagne-style varieties, quality bottled beers come from every taste angle.

Mixed fruit cider and perry are all the rage these days. But fruit beers have been around for thousands of years. We stock many artisan varieties combining the glorious flavours from orchards in Belgium with the grains that grow in the fields.

How to get a better flavour of beer as a beverage

There are three things you can do, to change your perspective and appreciate the beauty of beer. One is to stop associating it with bland supermarket brands, which often have an unpleasant after taste. Or give you a “tinny” tang when consumed in a can.

The other is to buy a sample pack of bottled Belgian Beers. Either select a combination you think may suit you, or take a leap of faith, have some fun, and request a mixed case.

Finally, why not organise a Belgian Beer Tasting night for family and friends….and for fun. We supply the beer, snack ideas and recipes, quizzes and fact sheets!

Go on, give it a go.

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