//Matching beers and menus

Matching beers and menus

Craft beer has enjoyed a huge surge of interest in the UK, and this has also brought with it renewed understanding that beer goes well with a meal.  Just like wine!

Forget the canned, bland supermarket brands when it comes to pairing beer with food though. We are talking quality bottled beer, brewed with all its subtle flavours intact.   It should smell of the fields and orchards; and be varied enough to be able to mix and match with all sorts of menus.

So, what are the rules of matching beer to particularly food types? Well, there aren’t any!

Wide beer menu to bring out food flavours

There are over 180 breweries (and monasteries producing craft lagers) in Belgium. These are always adding new flavours and strengths to their beer ranges.  Which means everyone will inevitably have their own favourites and their own opinions on “what goes with what”.

For example, a cherry kriek beer might seem the perfect thing to have with chocolate pudding. But it goes equally well with pork and vegetable dishes. Or anything else for that matter, if that’s your thing.

You may prefer blond with chicken and a darker beer with beef dishes, but that’s entirely a matter of taste.

Cooking with beer in it

As for cooking with the beers from Belgium, that too is your choice. Though there are some who think quality bottled Belgian beers should be savoured in splendid isolation, rather than adding them to something else.

Belgian beer (Dubbel, Trippel or Quad) goes well in meat stews and barbecue preparations. But of course, it is also great to drink with smoked meats and cheeses, especially arranged in a Swedish smorgasbord style.

Belgian beer and snack food 

One of the best things about life in Belgium is the way quality beer goes hand in hand with relaxing, socialising and making the most of time with family and friends.

Gather a group, hand out the bottles, and snack on mussels and fries (moules-frites), a platter of continental meats or mini Belgian meatballs (boulettes).

It’s the perfect combination.

  • Have you got a favourite pairing of beer and food? Give us a shout. Or share your recipes to cook with beer. We may even send you a freebie to say thank you.
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