//Why do the Brits love home delivery so much?

Why do the Brits love home delivery so much?

It’s official. The British spend more online than any other country. (That’s according to a report by the UK Cards Association).

It equates to us forking out an amazing £133bn to have stuff delivered to our homes – every year!

Why is it that the British are so devoted to the idea of other people bringing products direct to their doors?

Convenience – we have learnt that shopping online is quick and easy, compared to trudging along high streets or jostling for room on supermarket aisles.

Choice – unless you have the will and energy to visit numerous retail outlets, the only place to get a huge range to select from instantly, is online.

Interest/hobby – this may seem a strange one but it’s true. Folk have fun researching products online and then selecting things for home delivery. It’s a relaxing pastime in the evenings and at weekends.

Flexibility – online shopping is something you can play around with in your pjs, in bed, during the morning commute or in a café, without having to get stressed or harassed. You can do it on your phone, tablet or PC.

What can you buy online these days? Everything from live cockroaches, to pillows that look like a piece of raw fish, a fleece blanket showing the internal anatomy of the human body, or an afro wig for dogs.

This list could go on forever.

The next time you are doodling about with your online shopping – hopefully with a refreshing Belgian beer in one hand – don’t get so carried away looking for a “British accent breath spray” that you forget to order your next case of quality products from The Belgian Life!

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